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Brief facts in english

*Brief facts in English*

In the centre of Slovenia there is a town called Trbovlje. For the past two centuries it has been known for high-quality brown coal and turbulent history. The area of Trbovlje is 57,57 km 2 large, which represents 0,28% of the area of Slovenia . The valley is 7 km long and more than 60% of the area is covered with forrests. In this valley lives approximately 18.000 people, who love their town with all their hearts. Not only the town has rich mining and industrial heritage it also has many beautiful sights.

According to finds from archeological sites, the local area was populated as early as Celtic times, but the first written records of the town date from 1220-1230. Trbovlje attained great historical significance with the opening of the first coal mine in the early 19th century. In fact, the 200th anniversary of the beginning of mining is this year.

The history of town's and mining development is offered to you in central museum of the region (Zasavski muzej Trbovlje) where you can learn about miners and how they lived and worked. You will also see the typical miners appartment in situ in workers' settlement Njiva. If it is in your interest you are welcome to see more mining heritage such as other coalminer's settlements, colliery landscapes, shafts and maybe also the underground. Your story teller will be our naughty elf of the underground - Perkmandeljc. One of interesting sights in connection with industry is also the highest chimney in Europe - 360 m tall.

Our valley is surrounded with several mountains; the highest Kum (1220 m), Mrzlica (1122 m), Sveta Planina (1011 m) where you can hike throughout the year and you can also spend the night on Kum or Mrzlica. Sport activities are well developed and take place in numerous sport facilities such as tennis, football, street- and indoor basketball, swimming, hiking routes, cycling routes and also riding facilities.

It is well worth visiting, experiencing something different with us, in Trbovlje. Welcome!